WHO Integrated Management for Emergency & Essential Surgical Care (IMEESC) Toolkit
Emergency and Essential Surgical Care

Training Videos

The Clinical Procedures Unit has produced seven training videos on surgical techniques including management of wounds, tendon and soft tissue injuries, head and spinal injuries as well as various fractures of the pelvis, upper and lower limbs. These videos serve as a visual support to the WHO Surgical Care at the District Hospital manual and are meant to be used for training purposes to demonstrate the management of the most common surgical emergencies. The videos are intended for general duty doctors in district hospitals and deal with orthopaedics and traumatology interventions.

General principles of wound management [24 min] Fracture management using traction and plaster [39 min] Open fractures, tendon injuries and soft tissues injuries [35 min] Fractures and dislocations of the upper limb [53 min] Fractures and dislocations of the lower limb and pelvis [33 min] Fractures in children [18 min] Head and spinal injuries [32 min] Caesarean Section [12 min] Vacuum extraction [10 min]
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