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Medical devices by health care facility

The documents presented here contain a list medical equipment typically required to provide health services in different types of health care facilities (health post, health centre, district hospital, provincial hospital, specialized hospital). The medical equipment is listed in conjunction with the two most commonly-used classifying codes in international nomenclature, UMDNS and GMDN. These codes allow unambiguous identification and classification of equipment worldwide.

These lists are working documents and are only a current snapshot of ongoing work being conducted at WHO.  The information here has not been reviewed by a committee of clinical experts and must be adapted to the specific conditions or settings where they will be applied. Please refer to the WHO website on medical devices for the most up to date version of these lists.


WHO has not reviewed the safety, efficacy, quality, applicability, or cost acceptability of any of the technologies referred to hereafter. Therefore, inclusion of the aforesaid lists herein does not constitute a warranty of the fitness of any technology or of any resulting product and any future development thereof, for a particular purpose. Besides, the responsibility for the quality, safety and efficacy of each technology or each resulting product remains with its developer, owner and/or manufacturer.

WHO will not be held to endorse nor to recommend any technology or any resulting product thereof, as such or in preference to others of a similar nature.

WHO does not warrant or represent that the use of the technologies or the resulting products thereof is, or will be, in accordance with the national laws and regulations of any country, including but not limited to patent laws. WHO disclaims any and all liability and responsibility whatsoever for any injury, death, loss, damage or other prejudice of any kind whatsoever that may arise as a result of, or in connection with, the procurement, distribution and/or use of any technology referred to hereafter, or of any resulting product and any future development thereof.

Developers, owners and/or manufacturers of the technologies or resulting products thereof shall not, in any statement of an advertising, commercial and/or promotional nature, refer to the inclusion of their technologies in this publication. In no case shall the latter use the WHO name and/or the emblem, or any abbreviation thereof, in relation to their business or otherwise.

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Title: Medical Devices by Health Care Facility Health Post - Outpatient
Resources for health technology selection: Health post
Year: 2010
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Last updated: May 26, 2011